Aurores-Boréales Health and Social Services Center implements automated RFID replenishment system in its OR

― Logi-D

October 25, 2013. La Sarre, Quebec  – The Aurores-Boréales Health and Social Services Center (ABHSSC) announced today that it has completed the implementation of the Logi-D 2BIN-iD solution in the operating room of its hospital and in doing so has automated its medical supply replenishment process.

The 2BIN-iD solution adopted by the ABHSSC combines the reliability of RFID technology, a rapidly-expanding industry standard, with best practices in two-bin methodology and a high-density storage approach that focuses on economy of space. When brought together, these components transmit consumption data to a robust analysis and report engine, LogiDATA-iD, a middleware application that exchanges data with the ABHSSC’s material management system to ensure transparent and error-free replenishment processing.

Given its space constraints and remote geographical location, the ABHSSC was seeking a solution that would improve the availability of supplies in light of its long delivery lead times, without sacrificing space or increasing facility costs. “Automation of the supply chain helps improve our overall processes. Logi-D proposed solutions that work, despite the unique challenges we face,” explains Brigitte Gagnon, Team Leader, Supply Operations, and ABHSSC RFID Project Leader. “In addition to allowing us to better structure our day-to-day tools, the system has enabled us to reduce the considerable losses that resulted from products expiring after being stockpiled to avoid shortages.”

“This project demonstrates that the gains associated with supply chain automation are not limited to large hospitals,” adds Richard Philippe, founder and CEO of Logi-D, “and that automation can indeed deliver benefits to healthcare institutions of all sizes.”

Paul Fortin, Executive Director of the ABHSSC, agrees. “For a health and social services center such as ours, 2BIN-iD ensures that the replenishment of supplies in the OR can be done quickly and easily. Our clinical personnel know that the right products will always be in the right place and will therefore be easy to locate. This initiative is part of our service quality and safety improvement plan, and we envision extending it to our entire health and social services network.”

About the ABHSSC

The ABHSSC is a health and social services center located 700 kilometers northwest of Montreal. It offers 158 long-term-care beds and 56 short-stay beds. Comprised of a number of satellite facilities, it serves a population of more than 20,000. In addition to providing general and specialized care across its network, the ABHSSC offers a level 1 regional trauma center as well as specializations that include rheumatology, dermatology, physiatry, psychogeriatrics, and an intensive functional rehabilitation unit

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