Cornwall Community Hospital implements Logi-D 2BIN-iD supply replenishment platform in the OR and day surgery center

― Logi-D

September 16, 2013.

Cornwall, ON Cornwall Community Hospital (CCH) is pleased to announce the completed configuration of 2BIN-iD, the unique point-of-use replenishment system invented by Logi-D, a leading provider of hospital supply chain automation solutions. The newly renovated operating room and day surgery departments opened its doors on April 8, 2013, and feature this innovative RFID-enabled platform across its supply locations.

In an effort to stay responsive to the growing demand for health services in its population, CCH underwent a major redevelopment project that saw it renovate more than 78,000 ft2 of existing infrastructure and add over 95,000 ft2 of state-of-the-art real estate, mostly in critical care units. An important component of the CCH transformation was the establishment of a sustainable process improvement platform across the supply chain.

Following a public call for tenders, CCH selected Logi-D as its external partner for supply chain reengineering; Logi-D’s experience in healthcare construction and renovation projects afforded CCH a valuable resource to support the level of automation it sought.

Logi-D worked closely with a core team at CCH to analyze material flows and logistics, helping to design a process that improved cost containment and streamlined management of general supplies.

“Logi-D has proven to be a very valuable partner throughout our redevelopment project,” explains Randy Sabourin, CCH Manager, Materials Management. “By involving Logi-D early on, we were able to benefit not only from their technology but also their expertise in workflow analysis and process design.”

CCH manages its general supplies in the operating room and day surgery departments using an RFID-enabled lean/kanban replenishment system known as 2BIN-iD. The point-of-use inventory management automation solution features considerable process improvements over its manual predecessor; the time previously associated with manual counting and the burden on clinicians responding to frequent stockouts and placing urgent orders have been replaced with automated RFID signals, reducing clinical involvement in supply chain activities to an absolute minimum. By leveraging RFID technology, supply levels are managed remotely by the materials management department via a failsafe process to ensure reliable, consistent stock availability.

The introduction of 2BIN-iD provides materials management the tools needed for all supply-related activities in the OR and day surgery departments, thus empowering this key support service to efficiently manage supplies in these critical areas.

With opportunities to expand the Logi-D platform in the OR and day surgery departments to the management of high-value and consigned items as well as to other departments, CCH may soon boast the nation’s most innovative and efficient healthcare supply chain.

About Logi-D

Logi-D is a leading provider of innovative hospital supply chain automation solutions and the inventor of the internationally recognized RFID enabled two bin replenishment concept, known under the 2BIN-iD brand. For more than a decade, Logi-D has been helping its customers optimize their logistics. Its iD-SUITE of solutions integrate cutting edge technologies, such as RFID, voice and video recognition, as well as storage equipment and services that streamline materials management processes from warehouse to point of use. These solutions are the result of extensive research of best practices in supply chain management, both in healthcare and other industries. They represent the broadest and most integrated suite of supply chain automation solutions currently available to hospitals. Also encompassing comprehensive transformation services from conception to completion, the Logi-D offering optimizes inventory, substantially improves productivity, and lowers overall costs, resulting in an industry leading return on investment. For more information about Logi-D, please visit

Cornwall Community Hospital implements Logi-D 2BIN-iD  supply replenishment platform in the OR and day surgery center

Point-of-use demand capture through 2BIN-iD has provided Materials Management lead Ross Seguin the information he needs to ensure consistent supply availability, allowing clinical personnel like Logi-D super-user Leslie Owens to spend less time searching for supplies, and more time focusing on patient care.