Director of Information Management at Concord Hospital, Jodi Panzino, speaks at “RFID in Healthcare”

― Logi-D

December 1, 2013.

jodi event

On December 4, 2013, Jodi Panzino will be a featured speaker at the “RFID in Healthcare 2013″ conference taking place at the Georgetown University Hotel and Conference Center in Washington, DC. As the Director of Information Management at Concord Hospital, Jodi will explore how the hospital’s 2BIN-iD implementation has generated logistics excellence through improved data capture at the point-of-use.

New Hampshire’s Concord Hospital put in place a low-unit-of-measure (LUM) program to automate its supply chain with RFID-enabled management-automation solutions for general and high-value supplies. Taking a case-study approach, this presentation will discuss the transformation process that occurred at the firm, and will outline specific improvements achieved through the implementation of the RFID-based automated system. Learn how Concord Hospital used RFID to realign staff duties, reduce the instances of expired and damaged supplies, and decrease carrying and operating costs.