Logi-D announces its strategic entry into the French market

― Logi-D

April 15, 2013. Logi-D, a leading provider of innovative hospital supply chain automation solutions and inventor of the RFID 2BIN-iD replenishment practice, is pleased to announce the launch of its suite of solutions to healthcare institutions in France.

Logi-D offers its iD‑SUITE, a solutions platform designed to provide a practical, leading-edge response to the financial and organizational challenges currently facing hospitals.

iD-SUITE integrates such advanced technologies as RFID, voice and video recognition as well as accompanying storage equipment. The platform enables optimization of supply management processes from the storage room to the point-of-use and/or consumption.

Each of the functionalities available in the iD-SUITE has been developed following in-depth research and an analysis of best practices in supply chain management and product tracking. The effectiveness of the Logi-D system has been demonstrated with much success in the North American market. The company’s wide-ranging expertise and the experience it has gained over the years have culminated in the development of a highly efficient and reliable supply chain automation system.

iD-SUITE constitutes a true transformation of the supply chain and generates a significant return on investment through:

Logi-D expertise is the driving force behind the robust iD-SUITE platform, which integrates innovative technologies that deliver extensive added value to healthcare institutions.

Logi-D products are now available to the French market. For more details or requests for information, please contact one of our representatives.

For more information:

Monique Bielen
Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer
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