Logi-D announces upcoming bone and tissue tracking solution

― Logi-D

April 8, 2011. The increased regulatory requirements for tissue banking with donor-to-patient traceability have increased the manual workload and paper flow for an already stretched front line of service. Logi-D, a leading supply chain automation provider, will introduce its concept solution for automated bone and tissue tracking at the 2011 AORN congress and exhibition. The solution builds on the Logi-D robust solutions platform of leading practices and proven technologies.


“By applying automation to the bone and tissue tracking process, the new solution will not only meet Joint Commission compliance requirements, but will achieve this without increasing man hours, as the overall time spent on inventory management and tracking will be significantly reduced. Moreover, cost savings and patient safety will be achieved through automated expiration and temperature monitoring as well as integrated recall management,” explains Jonathan Assouline, Director, Information Technology and Research & Development, at Logi-D.

The new solution will capture and link product and employee data and workflow events and will push this information to all relevant host applications through a built-in interface tool. Not only will this result in a fully automated information flow, but inventory and recall management will also be automated through a comprehensive business rule engine. Another key advantage is that human intervention will be kept to an absolute minimum, reducing time and errors in both the information flow and replenishment process. As part of the comprehensive Logi-D suite of solutions, this new tool will use the same capture points and devices, while a consolidated information overview will enable fact-driven decisions. A unified material management platform will drive high-quality front line care at a lower cost.

“Our extensive expertise in material management and tracking automation has enabled us to develop a concept that will help our customers achieve Joint Commission compliance rapidly,” adds Richard Martin, Director, Integrated Solutions, at Logi-D. “The proven cost savings driven by our material management solutions deliver a fast return on investment, so the money invested in compliance can have a positive impact on both the operating margin and time spent tracking bone and tissue.”