Logi-D now offers its innovative hospital supply chain automation solutions on a monthly subscription basis

― Logi-D

August 2, 2012. Logi-D, a leading healthcare supply chain automation solutions provider, proudly announced today that it now offers healthcare institutions the option of securing its innovative solutions on a monthly subscription basis through its newly created subsidiary, Logi-D Capital.

Upon expiration of the subscription agreement, the client hospital will have multiple options to choose from, including, most notably, renewing the subscription and taking advantage of the latest version of the equipment where applicable; expanding or upgrading the system and negotiating a new reduced subscription fee; acquiring the system at fair market value; or simply returning the equipment to Logi-D.

“Subscription pricing offers a variety of advantages for hospitals, particularly when they are working within tight capital budgets or with limited investment opportunities for supply chain improvements,” said Richard Philippe, Founder and CEO of Logi-D. “Based on current experience, the industry leading cost-to-impact ratio achieved with Logi-D solutions typically generates gains that can easily surpass the monthly payments required with this business model. The option also simplifies the acquisition process, as gains and fees are both part of the operational budget, thus reducing the cost of delay.”

The company also announced that other attractive financing options can now be obtained.

Complete details about the new financing models will be introduced and made available at the Logi-D booth at the 2012 AHRMM Conference & Exhibition in San Antonio, Texas, in early August.