Logi-D now offers leasing options for its innovative hospital supply chain automation solutions

― Logi-D

January 30, 2012.

Attractive financing structures and flexible terms will help hospitals meet their business and budget objectives

January 30, 2012. Logi-D, a leading healthcare supply chain automation solutions provider, proudly announced today that it now offers its customers leasing options to acquire its innovative and proven solutions that improve operating margins through supply chain and charge capture automation. Balance sheets and cash flows are optimized, with hospitals empowered to operate on minimum just-in-time inventory.

“Given today’s economic climate and the increasing pressure on healthcare institutions to deliver quality care while reducing their costs and capital spending, leasing offers a variety of advantages,” says Richard Philippe, Founder and CEO of Logi-D. 

Hospitals must work within tight budgets and often have only limited spending earmarked for supply chain improvements. Since paying for an automation system up front can be difficult to achieve, a leasing option can enable healthcare institutions to offset the cost of the system with validated gains over time and improve the return on investment. Leasing provides an opportunity for hospitals to optimize their value streams and improve their operating margins without exceeding budget caps. The Logi-D solutions platform provides evidence-based optimization so the lease can be directly linked to the recurring gains of the system. In addition, the data accuracy and increased performance visibility offered by Logi-D solutions not only maximizes the gains achieved, it also allows them to be monitored and measured.

“We are confident that these innovative and flexible financing terms will fit our customers’ needs,” adds Sebastien Pelletier, Director, Finance, at Logi-D. “Whether the preference is an operating or capital lease and whether the client provides a down payment or not, Logi-D can help healthcare institutions preserve cash flow and work within their budget limitations.” 

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