Logi-D to provide operating room solutions to the CHUM Implementation of new integrated and automated material management processes in the operating rooms

― Logi-D

June 14, 2012. Logi-D has been hired by the Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM) to implement new integrated and automated material management processes in the operating rooms of its three hospitals: Hôtel-Dieu, Notre-Dame and Saint-Luc, which perform a combined 30,000 surgeries per year.

The first phase of the implementation, which began in early June, will enable the CHUM to introduce a medical supply management system founded on leading edge practices. This phase will see the implementation of two of Logi-D’s patent pending solutions: its RFID-driven two bin replenishment system (2Bin-iD) and its system to manage high value items and items that require individual tracking (CC-iD). 

Implementation of the solutions will provide the CHUM with extensive real time information on its inventory of supplies, their replenishment and storage locations. The institution will also gain access to meaningful data and management reports not previously available.

In late 2008, the CHUM issued a call for tenders to find a firm that could offer it a comprehensive and integrated turnkey solution. The Logi-D project began with an in-depth analysis of existing material management processes in the three OR departments (a total of 30 operating rooms), which included time and motion studies. 

The analysis revealed a potential for annual recurring gains of close to $2 million through better control of inventory levels and improved deployment of the people performing supply chain tasks.

But beyond the numbers, the system proposed by Logi-D will free up clinical personnel from supply chain activities, allowing them to focus on their core responsibility: delivering care to patients. 

“We are proud of our partnership with Logi-D,” says Ginette Proulx, who is in charge of hospital logistics at the CHUM. “Their knowledge of the hospital environment and their supply chain automation solution will have a significant positive impact on the CHUM’s operating rooms and our supply chain activities.” 

Richard Philippe, President and Founder of Logi-D, also sees the benefits generated by the project: “We are delighted to have been chosen by such a prestigious hospital organization as a partner to help it improve its operating room material management processes. We are convinced that the commitment of the joint team in place will contribute substantially to the success of this initiative. Once completed, the project will place the CHUM among the top hospitals in North America when it comes to supply chain automation.”

About the CHUM

The Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal is a university hospital centre that provides specialized and ultra-specialized services to a regional and supra-regional clientele. With more than 1,200 beds, the CHUM is one of the largest hospital centres in Quebec (www.chumtl.qc.ca).