Logi-D to showcase its automated transcription platform for screws and plates at AORN 60th Congress

― Logi-D

February 22, 2013. Logi-D, a leading healthcare supply chain automation provider, today announced that in addition to exhibiting its integrated suite of point-of-use solutions, it will be introducing a unique resolution to manual transcriptions associated with the documenting of screws and plates through an enhancement to its patient charging solution, on display in booth #4613 at the AORN 60th Congress, March 2-7, 2013, in San Diego, California.

Building on the success of its intuitive patient charging application, PC-iD, Logi-D is enhancing its data capture interface through innovative use of its easy-to-navigate touch-enabled kiosks. Integrating touch technology into in-case documentation of screws and plates usage minimizes clinical involvement in data capture and enhances data acquisition and retrieval. This bilateral advantage represents an important streamlining of resources in the perioperative department.

“We are very pleased to be unveiling this important innovation at the AORN Congress,” says Richard Philippe, Logi-D founder and CEO. “This user interface enhances our groundbreaking perioperative solutions and expands our automation platform to include a robust method of ensuring exceptional data integrity without saddling clinical personnel with a non-value-added workload.”

Documenting the usage of screws and plates is a universal challenge; this cumbersome task often falls under the responsibility of clinical personnel. Focused on eliminating the time burden involved and returning this vital workforce to their core tasks of patient care, Logi-D has designed an intuitive touch-enabled interface to track use of screws and plates. Preserving the best practice of transcribing and documenting implantable supplies at the point of use, usage capture through touch technology delivers improved workflow efficiency over traditional barcode or sticker-based methods. Data integrity is further ensured through automatic transfer of this information to the hospital’s host applications, as applicable, thus creating a patient-, procedure- and physician-specific record of supply usage in medical and billing records.

“The perioperative department represents an important nucleus of activity in any hospital, and we are confident that this new layer of automation will reduce the burden that documentation places on clinical staff,” explains Philippe. “By integrating this capability into our PC-iD module, Logi-D is building on its reputation for delivering innovation by leveraging proven technology from industry best practices.”

About Logi-D
Logi-D is a leading provider of innovative hospital supply chain automation solutions and the inventor of the internationally recognized RFID-enabled two-bin replenishment concept, known under the 2BIN-iD brand. For more than a decade, Logi-D has been helping its customers optimize their logistics. Its iD-SUITE of solutions integrate cutting-edge technologies, such as RFID, voice and video recognition, as well as storage equipment and services that streamline materials management processes from warehouse to point of use. These solutions are the result of extensive research of best practices in supply chain management, both in healthcare and other industries. They represent the broadest and most integrated suite of supply chain automation solutions currently available to hospitals. Also encompassing comprehensive transformation services from conception to completion, the Logi-D offering optimizes inventory, substantially improves productivity, and lowers overall costs, resulting in an industry-leading return on investment. For more information about Logi-D, please visit www.logi-d.net.