Logi-D unveils game-changing invention at the 2011 AHRMM Conference & Exhibition

― Logi-D

August 1, 2011.

Groundbreaking VC-iD solution utilizes computer vision technology to optimize the hospital supply chain, improve value streams within service lines, and reduce overall costs

Laval, Quebec, August 1, 2011. Logi-D, a leading healthcare supply chain automation provider, will unveil a revolutionary game-changing invention at the 2011 AHRMM Conference and Exhibition, as it introduces VC-iD, a groundbreaking inventory management solution featuring computer vision technology.

Logi-D is making a technology leap in applying this proven technology—already widely used and matured in the manufacturing sector for quality control and in the security industry for access control—integrating it into its innovative solutions platform to manage inventory. Using a small camera, computer vision technology has the ability to analyze a live video stream, recognize events, and prompt business rules in software applications. This novel approach to data capture improves data accuracy by eliminating manual processes and overall dependency on human intervention. 

“Applying this technology to hospital supply chains is a very exciting prospect, and its possibilities will push the frontiers of point of use automation even further,” explains Jonathan Assouline, Director of R&D at Logi-D. “The company’s R&D team currently has several ideas on the drawing board. Our first computer vision application enhances the world-leading kanban/two-bin practice—a practice long mastered by Logi-D. In fact, the Logi-D two-bin solution, with more than a decade of implementations, led us to invent the internationally-recognized RFID-enabled solution.” 

Using a small camera mounted on storage units, the new application will instantly detect if bins are empty and will trigger replenishment requests before critical thresholds are met. Because no user intervention is required, the technology has the potential to accomplish much more, with no disruption to natural workflows.

With this giant leap into the future of supply chain automation, Logi-D is once again enriching its robust iD suite of solutions and demonstrating its unique ability to leverage technologies well established in the industrial world to resolve hospital-specific supply chain issues identified through its consulting work and academic research affiliation. Its constant introduction of leading-edge automation technologies to the healthcare environment is helping hospitals improve their supply chain value streams and optimize workflows across the various service lines.

Accurate demand data at the front end of the supply chain is imperative to avoiding costly and disruptive stockouts that lead to just-in-case excess inventory. User compliance dependency and manual demand assessment can lead to an unreliable data feed due to inaccuracies; the new VC-iD solution resolves these issues by completely removing human intervention from the data capture process. It does this through efficiency-driven automation, providing reliable data and allowing a significant number of FTEs to be redeployed to more value-added activities, thus optimizing value streams while reducing operating costs.

According to Richard Philippe, founder and CEO of Logi-D, “Computer vision further broadens our scope of enabling technologies, which already range from script recognition and keyboard entry to barcode, RFID and voice recognition. All of these data collection technologies bring their own benefits and are used in our applications to maximize outcomes. Computer vision technology offers the advantage of completely eliminating user compliance issues without compromising the lean kanban practices or storage optimization benefits that Logi-D has built its reputation on.”

Limited resources and increased pressure to deliver quality care at a lower cost have hospitals looking for value optimization and cost saving opportunities. “An improvement in the supply chain raises the value output at the front line of service and significantly reduces operating costs. With this latest invention, we are expanding our ability to help hospitals achieve their objectives through greater gains,” concludes Mr. Philippe.  

VC-iD will be showcased at the Logi-D booth during the upcoming 2011 AHRMM Conference and Exhibition in Boston, where Logi-D will provide a live demo of its solutions.