Munson Healthcare Implements Logi-D Inventory Automation Solutions

― Logi-D

September 30, 2013. Traverse City, MI. Munson Healthcare has finalized an agreement with Logi-D Inc., a leading provider of hospital supply chain automation solutions, to introduce two iD-SUITE modules into the Munson Medical Center Cath Lab inventory in order to automate supply replenishment and patient charging.

In an effort to maximize patient care delivery in the Cath Lab department, Munson Healthcare decided to automate replenishment and patient charging processes at the point-of-use with solutions developed by Logi-D. The two selected solutions, CC-iD and PC-iD, are designed to automatically collect point-of-use consumption data and associate it with a particular patient and case; these functions, which were managed manually by clinical and non-clinical staff, will greatly reduce the time spent on these labor-intensive activities.

Releasing clinical personnel of these supply-related functions will have a twofold effect on Munson Medical Center’s Cath Lab. Primarily, it will allow clinicians to reallocate their time towards more value-added activities such as patient care and nurse training. In parallel, by automating replenishment and patient charging functions, this system will also allow for more accurate and responsive supply usage management. This ensures more reliable supply availability and further accuracy in patient billing.

“The user interface is simple and intuitive, with charges taking less time now. As a result, Cath Lab staff have been quick to adopt the new system,” explains Flavius Toader, Director of Supply Chain at Munson Healthcare. “CC-iD and PC-iD have been a boon to the service levels we provide at the point of care because we are able to capture charges more efficiently and track inventory levels more accurately, both of which allow our clinical staff more time to focus on patient care.”

“This partnership between Munson Healthcare and Logi-D is an indicator of the proactive and progressive stance Munson has taken to deliver the highest quality of care, while leveraging innovation to reduce costs along the way,” explains Jean-Philippe Racette, Munson Healthcare Project Lead at Logi-D. “We are excited to join Munson Healthcare on this journey.”

About Munson Healthcare:

Munson Healthcare is a nationally recognized regional nonprofit health care system consisting of eight hospitals serving 24 counties throughout Northern Michigan. Providing a continuum of health care services to its community, Munson Healthcare and its partners work together to provide superior quality care and promote community health.