Logi-D and Optimé Supply Chain Inc. announce strategic partnership

― Logi-D

April 17, 2012. Logi-D, a leading healthcare supply chain automation provider, and Optimé Supply Chain, Inc., a business intelligence and analytics solutions provider, announced that they have entered into a strategic partnership.

“Our focus at Optimé is to enable supply chain professionals in expanding their strategic opportunities and help their institutions improve margin performance,” said Ed Hisscock, President, Optimé Supply Chain, Inc. “The Logi-D innovative automation suite has a track record of industry-leading gains and enhances our abilities to deliver sustainable results to our clients.”

“We are very excited about this partnership. Our combined expertise, offering, and client focus will generate substantial synergistic value to both the partnership and clients,” affirmed Richard Philippe, Founder and CEO of Logi-D. “Supply chain excellence is most often achieved through evidence-based optimization, fact-driven decision-making and innovative transformation. As such, we are confident that the expertise and business intelligence solutions offered by Optimé combined with the end-to-end automation platform and integrated transformation services offered by Logi-D can accelerate any healthcare organization’s efforts to turn its supply chain into a strategic asset.” 

About Optimé

The Optimé Group’s mission is to deliver holistic and sustainable solutions to challenging healthcare problems. Optimé Group was created to help healthcare organizations solve persistent problems in labor and supply chain management. The creation of a set of technology enabled managed services that leverages people / process / technology has evolved from that beginning to provide the best possible labor and supply chain solutions for the healthcare market. For more information about The Optimé Group, please visit www.theoptimegroup.com.

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