Southlake Regional Health Centre Implements the Logi-D automated point-of-use system, institution-wide

― Logi-D

February 11, 2011. Southlake Regional Health Centre (Southlake) of Newmarket, Ontario, has announced that it is extending implementation of the Logi-D automated point-of-use materials management system throughout the organization. The system is comprised of an RFID-driven two-bin replenishment system (2BIN-iD), which manages all general supplies, and a second system (CC-iD) to manage high value items as well as those requiring individual tracking. In 2007, Southlake first implemented Logi-D’s automated system in its Cataract Centre and Endoscopy Clinic and in so doing pioneered the implementation of the Logi-D CC-iD solution. On the heels of this initial success, Southlake implemented the system in its Cath Lab, ER, Cancer Centre and OR Department. In a third and final phase, Southlake has put in place an aggressive schedule to implement the Logi-D systemthroughout the organization, thus becoming the hospital with the most widespread use of RFID technology to manage inventory at the point of use in Ontario. 

“Reviewing our processes to incorporate new technologies and make the most of available resources so that we enhance the institution’s performance are key objectives at Southlake Regional Health Centre,” explained Terry Kuula, CFO of the hospital. “The Logi-D system was selected because of the significant gains generated through improved logistics processes. Among other things, it has helped relieve nursing staff of supply chain duties, allowing them to focus on the hospital’s primary mission: patient care.” 

Commenting on the impacts of the Logi-D system, Jim Talbot, Director, Materials Management, adds: “In keeping with the hospital’s vision, the system has allowed the Materials Management Department to implement new and innovative ways to provide excellence in the delivery of patient care and to establish Southlake at the forefront in terms of leading practices.”

Implementation of the 2BIN-iD and CC-iD solutions has provided Southlake with extensive real time information on its inventory of supplies. With the system in place, Southlake has not only gained access to meaningful data that was previously unavailable in the supply chain environment, the hospital has also been given the tools to manage the data effectively and efficiently.

“The Logi-D RFID-enabled two-bin replenishment system has allowed us to recuperate an enormous amount of storage space and has greatly facilitated the management of supplies and inventory,” said Teresa Mingo, Distribution Manager.

Richard Philippe, founder and CEO of Logi-D, commented: “We are delighted with the confidence Southlake has shown us in choosing Logi-D as its partner of choice to automate its supply chain processes. The joint efforts of our organizations are what have made this project such a success. Most importantly, we are proud to contribute in our own way to Southlake Regional Health Centre’s mission of caring for people.”

About Southlake Regional Health Centre

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