Cath Lab success stories


Automation represents a significant opportunity to achieve quantifiable gains by improving workflows, streamlining charge capture processes and releasing valuable resources. Logi-D’s automation technology is exceptionally effective at recovering time wasted on manual processes within these important revenue hubs.

Munson Case Study   Automated workflows
and data exchanges
  Shrinkage: 75% reduction
  Accurate data for auditing
and recall purposes




Heart Institute Study   Time spent on inventory-related
72% reduction
  Inventory value: 33% reduction
  Storage footprint: 18% reduction




Logistics processes: 
78% reduction
Stock and non-stock inventory:
33% reduction
Consigned inventory:
15% reduction


A 650-bed hospital offering a wide range of diagnostic and treatment services and treating more than 700,000 patients annually mandated Logi-D to implement its automated replenishment solution for the supply chain of the hospital’s Cath Lab.

The solution implemented included 2BIN-iD, CC-iD and CIRCUIT-iD. This set of solutions integrates and automates charge capture and replenishment processes for clinical specialty areas.

The project generated gains through inventory reduction, space savings, access to real-time statistics, a reduction in the time staff spend performing inventory-related tasks, and improved inventory management.

The following gains were also generated but not accounted for:

18% space savings

40% increase in stock rotation within less than 8 months

Furthermore, the unaccounted-for gains also included a 28% reduction in Cath Lab storage equipment requirements due to the elimination of obsolete and unused items resulting from the data cleansing exercise. This exercise was part of the implementation process.

Based on the total estimated gains and investments, the calculated project payback period was within 1 year if only 32% of the gains identified were realized.