Munson Healthcare taps into operational and
financial gains through automated point-of-use
patient consumption data capture


Munson Healthcare is a nationally recognized regional nonprofit health care system consisting of eight hospitals serving 24 counties throughout Northern Michigan.

In an effort to maximize time spent on patient care, the flagship of this health network, Munson Medical Center, sought to improve management of its Cath Lab inventory by automating replenishment and patient charging processes at the point-of-use. Alleviating clinical and non-clinical personnel of the labor-intensive and error-prone manual tasks required to manually transcribe and requisition supplies resulted not only in time recovered, but also in case cost accounting accuracy. The resulting integrated system has been a boon to Cath Lab and Supply Chain stakeholders alike, each benefiting from data accuracy, clinical traceability, and automated information transfers.



  • Too much time spent by Cath Lab personnel manually transcribing patient charging data and requisitioning high value supplies
  • Lack of visibility by Supply Chain personnel into actual consumption at the point-of-use
  • Inability to track product status to the point-of-use resulting in elevated expiry wastage
  • Time-consuming personnel movements resulting from manual demand assessments





  • Automate patient charge capture at the point-of-use with interfaces to legacy billing system
  • Automate demand capture of high value supplies at the point-of-use to reduce manual processes, and generate automatic replenishment requisitions for legacy MMIS system
  • Transfer logistics activities from clinical and non-clinical personnel in the Cath Lab to Supply Chain personnel
  • Capture and synthesize data in order to faciliate clinical traceability
  • Provide point-of-use consumption visibility through customizable reporting tools that enable data-driven optimization
  • Improve expiration and recall management by enabling proactive responses

“We are able to capture charges more efficiently and track inventory levels more accurately, both of which allow our clinical staff more time to focus on patient care.

-Flavius Toader, Director of Supply Chain, Munson Healthcare

CC-iD and PC-iD




Owing to the criticality of accurate data and automated information exchanges, Munson Healthcare identified that capturing charges and consumption directly at the point-of-use was paramount to success. Likewise, understanding that manual processes pose significant compliance risks, Munson Healthcare was exacting in its search of a solution that was both intuitive and undemanding on all users. The result of this analysis was the implementation of CC-iD and PC-iD

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“The user interface is simple and intuitive, with charges taking less time now. As a result, Cath Lab staff have been quick to adopt the new system.”

-Flavius Toader, Director of Supply Chain, Munson Healthcare



Implementation of CC-iD and PC-iD into the Munson Medical Center Cath Lab has had immediate benefits to clinical and non-clinical personnel through significant decreases in time spent on supply replenishment and manual transcription tasks. Improved workflows and data availability provided a platform that both enhanced service levels to the patient and afforded multidisciplinary stakeholders the information they sought to positively impact the bottom line through improved clinical traceability, patient charging and inventory management.


workflows and data exchanges

The middleware application that supports CC-iD and PC-iD features a robust interfacing engine and flexible business rule settings that allow for innumerable interfacing capabilities. Munson Healthcare’s appreciation for the value of automated data transfers was met with conclusive confidence in CC-iD and PC-iD’s ability to preserve data integrity across complex interfacing environments.


data for auditing and recall purposes

PC-iD has proven highly beneficial in its capacity to report on data required for auditing and recall purposes. Although too early in the transformation to attribute a specific value to this gain, the improved data accuracy inherited through implementation of PC-iD has empowered Munson Healthcare to manage recalls efficiently and reconcile purchases for auditing purposes with increased confidence.


information at the click of a button

IIn addition to feeding legacy applications, the consumption and charge data compiled via CC-iD and PC-iD feed into LogiDATA-iD, a powerful data synthesizer that converts meaningful data into actionable information. Through customizable reporting functionalities and automated report generation and dispersion capabilities, Munson Healthcare enjoys a harmony of continuous optimization tools that adapt and inform on changing conditions and emerging inventory-related trends, while compiled consumption data provide key performance indicators to enable informed decision-making. Drilldown menus likewise facilitate clinical traceability within the LogiDATA-iD interface.

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reduction in waste due to expiry

The item-level traceability afforded by CC-iD provides a data-driven platform that enables back office staff to remotely monitor product turnover and approaching expiries, as well as physically locate those products across storage locations. Having faced losses of nearly $200,000 per year in waste due to expiry, Munson Healthcare now has the visibility to act proactively, and eliminate this wasted inventory spend by a conservative estimated reduction of 75%.

CC-iD environment

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