Emergency room success story 

The Logi-D consulting team conducted an analysis and optimization of the medical supply chain for the Emergency Department of a major hospital. The department accommodates approximately 65 stretchers. The objective: calculate the impacts associated with implementing the 2BIN-iD replenishment system and optimizing storage location layouts to minimize clinical staff travel time to retrieve supplies required to perform clinical duties.


Nursing supply-related activities: 55% reduction

  Inventory levels: 20% reduction


Based on the data collected and the interviews conducted, the cost of material-related activities in the ER at the time of the study totaled close to $765,000 annually. The volume of supplies consumed each year was worth more than $1,042,000, with the value of inventory in the department estimated at approximately $55,000.

In conducting the study, the team focused primarily on two supply chain processes: the preparation of requisitions and the replenishment of primary and secondary storage areas in the ER.

The analysis demonstrated a payback of less than 1 year if all of the gains were captured or over 3 years if only 23% were considered.