TECSYS and Logi-D Create the Only End-to-End Supply Chain Optimization Solution for Health Systems

― Adam Polka

August 4, 2014. AHRMM 2014 — TECSYS Inc. (TSX: TCS), the leading provider of supply chain management solutions for health systems, today announced that, with the addition of Logi-D, it has created the only supply chain management optimization solution for health systems that works from source to patient.

Robert Colosino, Vice-President of Marketing & Business Development at TECSYS commented: “Today, with TECSYS, hospitals and health systems have a wealth of choices from one supplier to address their supply chain challenges, from point-of-use solutions to a fully interconnected network of supply chain infrastructure. TECSYS is well known for its Consolidated Service Center and its extended solutions that are deployed at most health systems’ clients; delivering significant improvements to their bottom line and addressing the unique needs of clinical staff. Adding Logi-D’s products means there are now no areas in hospitals where we cannot provide value, reflecting our deep commitment to this community. Logi-D’s patented products extend our offering from the warehouse all the way to the bedside, further solidifying our position as the only provider of comprehensive supply chain solutions for hospitals and health systems today.”

Together, TECSYS and Logi-D enable hospitals and health systems to save millions of dollars, improve margins, gain total inventory visibility across their supply chain and free clinicians to focus on patient care for better outcome.

TECSYS’ solutions currently include: consolidated service center, supply management within the hospital, demand planning, transportation and delivery management, and business intelligence and analytics.

With the addition of Logi-D they include: RFID-enabled two-bin replenishment, RFID-enabled item-level traceability, charge capture and patient-level traceability, data capture and treatment middleware, automated case management and high-density storage equipment.

Richard Philippe, founder of Logi-D and Vice President of Healthcare Solutions at TECSYS commented: “From the outset, we have targeted healthcare providers seeking to optimize their supply chain and reduce per item cost in a point-of-use setting. Our RFID technology platform and optimized process flows enabled Logi-D to become a key provider of point-of-use automation for North American hospitals. Our Logi-D offering, while delivering significant advantages to individual hospitals, fits perfectly within TECSYS’ end-to-end supply chain management solution and together we will continue delivering innovative solutions, for both standalone hospitals and integrated health systems that they have never seen before.”

Logi-D, a TECSYS Company, is a leading provider of point-of-use supply chain automation technologies serving hospitals and healthcare organizations seeking to measurably reduce operating costs and improve revenue capture. For more than a decade, Logi-D has been helping its customers optimize logistics processes and increase supply chain operational efficiency. Its iD-SUITE of solutions integrates cutting edge technologies with Lean methodologies in order to provide unparalleled workflow efficiency and data integrity.