Walter Reed National Military Medical Center implements Logi-D RFID-enabled 2BIN-iD replenishment system to manage general supplies

― Logi-D

February 12, 2013. Logi-D, a leading North American provider of innovative hospital supply chain automation solutions, announces implementation of its patented RFID-enabled two-bin replenishment solution, 2BIN-iD, throughout the general nursing units and OR at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC), one of America’s most widely respected military medical centers. WRNMMC is the result of the merger of the Walter Reed Army Medical Center and the National Naval Medical Center.

Faced with expanding services and a growing number of patients, the hospital wanted a best-in-class medical supply replenishment system that would reduce support staff involvement in inventory management tasks, increase support to clinical staff through improved service levels, and facilitate the integration of resources from the two sites. An independent supply chain consulting firm reviewed and analyzed multiple solutions to identify the one that would most effectively address the hospital’s key metrics. The Logi-D solution was selected because it was best suited to meet the hospital’s primary objectives. It requires less human intervention than other systems, its automated data capture process offers exceptional inventory accuracy and improved quality of service to clinical teams, and its proven implementation methodology is amongst the least disruptive in the industry.

Beyond minimizing both clinical and support staff involvement, the Logi-D 2BIN-iD automated point of use solution optimizes the replenishment process through real-time consumption data collection driven by RFID technology. Based on the lean two-bin replenishment system and requiring no counting or data entry, 2BIN-iD controls inventory levels and stock rotation and helps prevent disruptive stockouts, subsequent urgent orders, and stock wastage due to product expiration. Incorporating high-density modular storage equipment and providing an enhanced inventory environment that reduces the storage footprint, 2BIN-iD improves ergonomics, and easily adapts to changing conditions.

“All of us at Logi-D are honored to have been selected for this project,” affirmed Richard Philippe, Founder and CEO of Logi-D. “We are confident that implementing our unparalleled point of use replenishment solution will help resolve some of the Center’s logistical challenges, including those resulting from the merger of two very busy hospitals. The transition to this automated point of use environment will also be facilitated by our unique non-invasive Go Live Fast implementation approach, which reduces disruption to a minimum at the point of care. We are excited to be contributing to the success of this vital hospital organization.”

About Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

The Walter Reed National Military Medical Center is one of the nation’s largest and most renowned military medical centers, providing care to war heroes and presidents alike. Recently dubbed “The Nations’ Medical Center”, WRNMMC represents the joining of the “Best of the Best” in military medicine when National Naval Medical Center and Walter Reed Army Medical Center came together in September of 2011. Staffed by Army, Navy, and Air Force medical personnel, it is the core of an integrated military medicine system located in the National Capital Region. People come to the WRNMMC to heal, to stay healthy, to help others, to teach the next generation, to practice quality medicine, and to take part in cutting-edge clinical research.