Demand response middleware platform

At the center of our offering is our core application, LogiDATA-iD, which both automates the conversion of meaningful data to actionable data — thereby accelerating demand response decisions — and provides value and a superior overview of the information flow to enable fact‑based decision making. LogiDATA-iD is the main application that manages the database for all of our systems.

Designed to add value to host applications rather than to replace them, LogiDATA-iD is a unique best of breed middleware platform, offering specialized modular data capture and treatment solutions for the point of use and a built-in interfacing tool to provide vital data to host applications. These specialized solutions share a single database, which accelerates demand response decisions through customizable automation features. Its built-in business intelligence, key metrics, and analytic tools make it easy to monitor and improve supply chain performance on an ongoing basis.

The LogiDATA iD application included with our inventory point of use system was not developed as a standalone application but rather as an execution system that interfaces with other applications. Moreover, our flexible interfacing approach and experience in interfacing to various environments make us confident that interfacing to your current host applications will not be an issue.

Unlike standalone systems, our software applications have been designed with the objective of enhancing logistics processes in enterprise applications such as ERPs, materials management applications and clinical suites. Our systems can be interfaced through simple exchanges of flat files or by following more complex protocols, such as HL7 standards.

Screenshot of LogiDATA-iD Dashboard