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Charge capture and patient-level traceability

The PC-iD solution is designed to prevent revenue leakage by accurately capturing chargeable items, from stock supplies used in the nursing unit to high-value items used during surgery, and linking them to a specific patient, bed or procedure. The PC-iD module is an add-on to the 2BIN‑iD replenishment solution for general supplies and CC‑iD solution for high-value items. 


PC-iD registers patients using various data collection methods, including patient bracelet scanning, printed list scanning and/or touchscreen pull-down lists. Once a patient has been identified, the PC-iD charge capture module uses either touchscreen or RFID technology with our inventory management solutions, 2BIN‑iD and CC‑iD, to accurately capture and link chargeable items to that patient. This information is then transferred via a robust interface engine to host applications such as an ADT, ORIS and EMR.

This application captures the cost of all items used during normal clinical activities with minimal disruption to clinical flows, thus improving charge capture compliance and reducing revenue leakage.

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Automated case costing solution

The CIRCUIT-iD solution integrates the 2BIN-iD, CC-iD and PC-iD solutions as a fully automated and preference card-driven material management and case costing suite. CIRCUIT-iD automates and integrates all supply-related processes pertaining to a case, including inventory management, case picking, and usage capture. The result is unparalleled case costing accuracy that prevents revenue leakage and ensures continuous preference card optimization. 

CIRCUIT‑iD reduces the risk of error, drives down case preparation time, and increases the overall efficiency of the picking process. The result is unparalleled material and case management, case costing accuracy that prevents revenue leakage, and continuous preference card optimization.

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