Resourceful partnerships for warehouse management system integration

Most healthcare organizations use the materials management modules of their ERP or financial systems to operate their central stores, warehouses and distribution centers.

Although these applications were designed to support the main warehouse processes, their primary purpose is to track inventory transactions for financial reasons and not to automate or optimize these processes. In this environment, processes tend to be less than optimal, supported for the most part by paper-based applications, with data managed in batch mode. 

Logi-D partners with key WMS providers to optimize and automate supply chain processes, from central stores or distribution centers to the point-of-use. Through these partners, Logi-D helps hospitals manage online receiving, directed put-away, product picking by lot and expiry date for specific point-of-use bins, wireless picking, directed cyclical inventory, and the updating of data at the point-of-use by lot number and expiry date.

Partnering with industry leaders in the warehouse and distribution space guarantees a level of excellence unparalleled by any single WMS provider; through rigorous research and analysis, Logi-D has identified a network of providers that are not limited to one technology, but rather a spectrum of leading-edge technologies, such as barcodes, Wi-Fi, RFID, light-directed, carousels, and voice recognition, in order to offer client hospitals the most appropriate and value-added recommendations to move beyond the basic ERP materials management module.


The Logi-D point of use solution, its unique lean RFID-enabled two-bin replenishment system, expands our reach in the healthcare supply chain by seamlessly integrating a warehouse management system; although not limited to Logi-D partners in the WMS space, these solutions come prepackaged with some of the most advanced integrations available between a WMS and point-of-use solution.

This integration not only enables the tracking of expiry dates, lot and serial numbers for high-value and consignment items, it is also unique in its ability to do this for all supplies that would benefit from it—including those of lower value, such as IV solutions—from receiving dock to patient and with minimal human intervention.