Automated case management

CIRCUIT-iD is designed for clinical specialty areas such as the Operating Room, Cath Lab and Interventional Radiology. Driven by procedure preference items, it was developed to facilitate case picking processes and precisely capture the cost of all items used during normal clinical activities with a minimum of effort.

CIRCUIT-iD integrates all material and case management activities to optimize case-specific inventory management, from the picking of predictable and unpredictable supplies to the capture of real-time item consumption and the return of unused products prior to, during, and after the procedure. Taking into account the perioperative schedule, CIRCUIT-iD optimizes the picking route and greatly shortens the overall picking time. The entire solution has been designed to apply and promote lean management principles that reduce process and inventory wastage while limiting downtime between cases.

With the implementation of CIRCUIT-iD, all processes are linked together to optimize the supply chain, from case picking to the updating of the procedure item list. CIRCUIT-iD also seamlessly integrates all of the Logi-D solutions, thus enabling the sharing of a common database, which simplifies data maintenance and interfacing with host applications.

Resourceful data cleansing and computerization of procedures

Computerized and updated preference cards provide the basis for efficient material management and supply cost capture in clinical specialty areas. Cards may often be incomplete and out of date, and updating can take several months or even years, frequently with disappointing results. Logi-D can provide automated data collection services for the computerization of preference cards, which results in a substantial reduction in staff involvement, while the accurate data gathered through CIRCUIT-iD provides ongoing preference card optimization.

Resourceful integration

CIRCUIT-iD generates case costing analyses by synthesizing data collection across the iD-SUITE, offering a comprehensive supply of reports based on several key parameters. Reporting capabilities expand beyond the user interface; analytics may be disseminated electronically to other pertinent applications, such as billing or patient records. For more information about Logi-D’s analytics and software platform, LogiDATA-iD, click here.

Optional RFID tracking

The printing of the pick list for the procedure can be enhanced with the printing of a unique RFID tag for the procedure card picking list. The RFID-enabled label is affixed to the list, which will follow the procedure during the entire cycle and will facilitate the identification of the procedure to which items will be added or removed. This in turn generates a precise, real-time patient charge record..





Our cost capture model uses information from preference cards, hosted either in LogiDATA-iD or by a third-party ORIS, which are linked to patient treatments and procedures. 

Predictable items are recorded in the case cost as soon as a picklist for the case is generated, thus requiring no additional human intervention. Items are listed in a sequence that optimizes staff movements.

Unpredictable items are added right before or during procedures using touch and/or RFID-enabled technology to minimize user involvement, and returns of unused supplies are recorded at the end of the case via these same technologies.

Combining information on picked and returned items results in an industry-leading case costing model and dynamic preference card optimization.



  • Delivers dynamic preference card optimization and unparalleled case costing accuracy
    • Accurate pick and return data
    • Fact-driven optimization and case costing
    • Precise cost-per-procedure and cost-per-patient analytics
  • Reduces case preparation time and clinical involvement during pick and return processes
    • Integrated workflow that closes the case costing loop
    • Fewer unnecessary picks
    • Considerable decrease in returns of unused items
    • Optimized and experience-independent pick and return workflow
  • Frees up time by:
    • Eliminating the need to manually transcribe data
    • Reducing the internal reordering process time
    • Facilitating product expiry recall management

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