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RFID-enabled two-bin replenishment

The Logi-D 2BIN-iD solution is unique in that it requires no counting or data entry in the user department and only limited involvement from users. It facilitates inventory turnover and control of inventory levels, and it helps prevent the expiration of products.

HOW IT WORKS2BIN-iD environment

2BIN-iD, the patented RFID-enabled two-bin replenishment solution, begins with an established quantity of a given item divided into two batches and stored in primary and secondary compartments of a single storage module. When the primary compartment is empty, clinical staff transfer its identification tag (which contains an RFID transponder) to a wall-mounted RFID “reader” board located near the storage unit. They then begin using items from the secondary compartment, which holds a set number of days’ worth of inventory. Placing the primary compartment’s tag on the board triggers an automated replenishment request before critical supply thresholds are met. The system transmits the request to a middleware application and, prompted by customizable business rules, onward to the hospital’s material management information system, which then generates a pick list for stock items or a requisition for direct purchase items. During their delivery rounds, material management staff transfer the remaining supplies to the primary compartment and replenish the new supplies in the secondary one while returning the corresponding RFID location tag to the primary compartment to conclude the replenishment cycle. This ensures stock rotation and helps prevent stock wastage due to expiration and communicate replenishment status to users.



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RFID-enabled lean kanban solution

KB-iD is an RFID-enhanced lean two-bin/kanban inventory management system designed specifically to retrofit existing manual or barcode-based two bin/kanban environments.

Like 2BIN-iD, KB-iD aims to remotely manage and optimize the replenishment process while facilitating inventory turnover, control inventory levels, and help prevent expired products. Through subtle integration of RFID technology, KB-iD enhances manual and barcode-based two-bin systems and generates measurable improvements in operational efficiency; the solution delivers real-time inventory visibility and data entry in the user department.

HOW IT WORKSKB-iD environment

Adapted from best practices in the manufacturing and retail industries, KB-iD is an RFID-enhanced two-bin/kanban inventory management system. Inspired by lean best practices, KB-iD preserves the physical functionalities and workflows in existing two-bin/kanban environments, whereby empty bins are transferred to a replenishment zone (typically the top shelf of a wire rack) to signal a need for replenishment.

In a KB-iD environment, inconspicuous RFID labels are affixed to the bins, and a directional RFID antenna is fastened to the surface of a replenishment zone (typically the top shelf of a wire rack). As a bin is placed in its replenishment zone, the affixed RFID label is read by the RFID antenna; this information is transferred and processed through LogiDATA-iD, which in conjunction, serve as a platform for centralized replenishment planning and optimization.


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