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RFID item-level traceability

The Logi-D CC-iD data collection and inventory management solution automates the management of items requiring unitary traceability, such as high value supplies, implantable biomaterials, and consignment items. Through the innovative use of leading-edge RFID technology, CC-iD substantially reduces the involvement of clinical staff in this process while enhancing the quality and availability of pertinent information. CC-iD is an extremely cost-effective solution. Not only does it provide just-in-time inventory management to reduce the on-hand inventory value, it also offers advanced traceability capabilities that prevent product expiry, reduce product loss, and support regulatory compliance. In addition, it is a lighter technology option compared to most other point-of-use solutions. 

HOW IT WORKSCC-iD environment

When supplies or biomaterials requiring unitary traceability are received, the manufacturer’s barcode on each product is scanned to record the serial/lot number and expiry date.

The CC-iD application automatically links this data to the unique identifier of an RFID transponder embedded in a label. The product’s designated replenishment location is printed on the label, which is then affixed to the product packaging.

The product’s delivery to the designated user department room is verified by swiping it in front of an RFID reader near the entrance. The product is then placed in the storage location printed on the affixed RFID label.

Consumption data is captured when clinical staff dispose of the product’s empty packaging in an RFID-enabled intelligent receptacle located in the procedure room. Based on customizable business rules, a replenishment requisition is triggered. At the same time, the interface engine sends relevant data to host applications, such as the material management information system (MMIS) or financial applications.

Cost savings and patient safety are achieved by way of a fully automated information flow in which inventory and recall management are seamlessly integrated through built-in business intelligence, while a consolidated information and analytics engine enables fact-driven decision-making.



  • Reduces inventory value through just-in-time inventory management
    • Features unitary usage data capture & customizable business rule engine
  • Eliminates stock wastage due to expiration
    • Offers unitary expiry traceability & fixed stock locations
  • Frees up time by:
    • Eliminates the need to manually transcribe data & rectify errors
    • Reduces the internal reordering process time
    • Automates data transfer to generate requisitions
    • Facilitates product expiry recall management
  • Increases user compliance through automated data exchanges
    • Minimizes manual processes & risk of inaccurate data



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