Resourceful ideas have made us who we are today

 Logi-D provides supply chain automation solutions for hospitals. We began as TRIAX Consulting®, a consulting services group specializing in healthcare logistics. From the beginning, in addition to carrying out our own research on leading supply chain practices, we collaborated with researchers from one of the largest business schools in North America.

Through this research, we soon realized that hospital resources, far beyond those assigned and controlled by Material Management, were impacted substantially by supply chain practices. And the closer we got to the point of use, the greater this impact was.

It also soon became clear that some of the world’s leading logistics practices were not readily available to our clients and that the healthcare sector could benefit from borrowing practices from industrial supply chains and adapting them to the hospital environment.

Because some of these practices were also difficult to implement, Logi-D filled the gap by becoming a hospital logistics solutions integrator of leading practices, providing turnkey solutions to its clients.

Resourceful ideas generate value

The Logi-D mission is to enhance the efficiency of healthcare systems through the constant improvement of the hospital supply chain.

To achieve this mission, we track leading international supply chain practices and innovate constantly. Our strength lies in our ability to customize these practices according to our clients’ specific needs.

We offer unique turnkey automation solutions that include storage equipment, related technology solutions and consulting services. Each of the projects we have been a part of has been recognized for its quality and propelled us to the forefront of innovation in our sector.

Resourceful ideas will transform your environment

We strongly believe that an end-to-end solution generates the best results, given the dynamics of the supply chain, and that the standard solutions available on the market today do not always solve the issues. It is with this in mind that we have developed a suite of best of breed solutions designed to interface easily to host applications.

At the core of our offering is 2BIN-iD, our unique RFID-enabled two-bin replenishment solution, which combines an internationally recognized high-density storage system, a proven inventory concept inspired by the lean Japanese kanban system, and leading-edge RFID technology. This is supported by extensive knowledge of healthcare point of use needs, which translates into the optimal implementation of each individual solution.

Turnkey offering

In addition, our global offering is unique in that we can provide a complete transformation process, from conception to completion. The process can begin with the development of a business case; the solutions we recommend as a result include implementation support to ensure that anticipated gains are captured throughout the transformation process; and finally, post-implementation measures are conducted as required to confirm that the anticipated gains have been realized. It’s a methodology that assures significant gains are achieved across the entire supply chain.